How we work

Our team are diligent, smartly dressed, courteous and punctual.  They arrive armed with dust sheets, vacuum cleaners and the correct tools!

There are four project phases:

  1. Initial Intelligent Space Ideas

We work in close consultation with our clients to give technological advice and develop a budget sensitive design brief.  We only require an initial deposit once the design is agreed and signed off.

  1. Intelligent Space Project Management

Our skilled technicians lead the project providing electrical design drawings and supervise onsite to ensure proper cable installation.

Our skilled technicians provide technical drawings and our team lead the project on time and on budget, liaising with the client and their contractors through to installation.

  1. Intelligent Space Installation

Extensive testing is completed on all systems and products installed to ensure 100% functionality.

Full schematics and detailed user guides are provided.  The final installation is fully demonstrated and we train you on the systems operation.

  1. Future Maintenance

All products are covered by standard warranties.  We have ‘Platinum’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ extended warranty and planned maintenance schemes too. More details.

Commercial Installations

For hotels, pubs, clubs and restaurants niche products such as interactive restaurant tables are in demand.  Commercial possibilities for automated services are limitless.

Thank You

We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours